Judicial Surety Bond

About the Insurance

It can be used in legal or administrative proceedings, replacing the deposits in court that the policyholder needs to make in the pending of legal proceedings, in the civil, labor, and tax spheres, with the advantage of not compromising the company’s cash flow, nor its limit of bank credit.

The Judicial Bond has 3 parts:

Insured: In Legal Surety Bonds, it is the judge. It is the recipient of the insurance in case of indemnity and creditor of the obligations of the Policyholder.

Policyholder: is the one who hired the insurance policy with the insurance company, it is the debtor of the administrative or procedural obligations accepted by him, the party that wants to be able to discuss his rights in the Administrative and Legal spheres.

Insurer: Sombrero Seguros is the one who guarantees, as established in the policy, that in case of non-compliance with the obligations assumed by the Policyholder, the Insured will be compensated for any loss.

The Judicial Surety Bond can be hired in the following modalities:

Judicial Bond

It is used by companies of all segments and guarantees the value under discussion in lawsuits that require court deposits.

It is an economical option that does not affect the company’s cash and offers security and agility. It can be used in civil and labor lawsuits, precautionary actions, and appeal deposits.

Tax Execution Bond

A specific type to guarantee legal proceedings related to tax debts. It replaces the legal deposit to guarantee to the Federal Union, States, Counties, and Autarchies the payment of the amount of conviction or the amount determined in the agreement.

Administrative Bond

It can be hired by companies from all segments to release tax credits and cover the Policyholders’ permanence in special taxation regimes. Surety that attests to the veracity of tax credits in administrative proceedings in the federal, state, or municipal scope.

See the conditions of the product. The acceptance of the insurance will always be conditioned to the analysis of the risk and will require the Policyholder proof of technical and financial capacity, as well as, to comply with any registration and underwriting requirements. The Product registration is automatic and does not represent approval or recommendation by Susep. The insured may consult the registration status of his insurance broker, on the website www.susep.gov.br
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