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Sombrero is different. It is a new company with many years of experience. Believing in the strength of those who move the Brazilian economy is to use intelligence and innovation to provide trust and security for the producer to move forward.

Everything is done in an agile way and keeping an eye on our clients’ necessities. After all, we know that those who produce have no time to waste.
Want security to always move onwards, invest and produce, knowing that your patrimony is protected

Count on Sombrero Seguros!

Leonardo A. Paixão

Co-founder and has extensive experience in the Brazilian financial sector. He was a former university professor and a attorney…

Marcio A. Rios Martins

Co-Founder and has vast experience in the insurance and reinsurance market. He worked for more than 10 years…

Raquel Tedesco

Co-founder and CFO of Sombrero Seguros. She has 20 years of experience in the financial and insurance market.

Fabricio Bonadio

Co-founder of Sombrero Seguros, he started his career in the planning and management of civil construction works.

João Carlos B. Pego

Co-founder of Sombrero Seguros. With 34 years of experience in various areas such as accounting, finance, and auditing, and 28 years…

Marcelo Chidid

Co-founder of the company and with great experience in the areas of infrastructure, contracts, purchases, and negotiations…

Paulo Custódio

With over 22 years of experience in Information Technology. With a career built in multinational sectors of service…

Wilson L. Sartori

Co-founder of Sombrero Seguros. He has been in the pension, insurance, and reinsurance market for about 27 years and has worked…

Daniel Pauli

Has been in the business for roughly 12 years and has vast experience in Agricultural Claim operations and actively participates in the activities…


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